Monday, September 22, 2008

Outdoor School

Portland public schools have been running
an outdoor school program since 1966. It's
tons of fun, or so I've heard. Mention it
to a person who attended Portland public schools
in 6th grade, and they all say, "Oh! Outdoor
School is so much fun!" The kids spend 5
nights in the woods. Every 6th grader goes.
My daughter goes next month.

Yesterday there was an orientation at the camp-
site. It was basically for the parents to see
where their kids would be for 5 nights. I was
extra thankful for my iBOT because I could
not have toured the place without it. The
paths were gravel and sloped, but the iBOT
handled it with no problems. The dining hall
had a step. Again, no problem for the BOT.

I would not have gotten a look inside the
cabins without the BOT because of the

Check out the view. (Also would have been
inaccessible without the iBOT.)

On clear days, you can see the beautiful Mt.

Lucky kids! I didn't grow up in Oregon, so
I never went to Outdoor School. I grew up
in rural WI, and we never did anything like


Richard said...

Sounds like a neat program! I grew up in Portland, but left high school in 1963, so had not heard of this before. I hope the weather gods look upon your daughter favorably.

Shannon said...

None of your kids were here in 6th grade?

I have a feeling she's going to be awfully soggy when she gets home!

Richard said...

My kids went to school in Newberg. However, now that I think of it, I think at least one of them did go on some kind of a similar camping trip for a couple of days; it was out towards the coast. So long ago now, I had forgotten all about it! My wife probably remembers it well.

Just remind her she won't dissolve or melt!

Stephanie said...

It sounds like a great experience. I hope she has fun! What will you do without her for 5 days! I always found the first day alone was great ..... until mid afternoon or so, and then it started wearing thin.

Shannon said...

I'm sure she will have fun. As for me, I'm not sure what I'll do other than be lazy. Probably read, watch movies, spend all day in bed, etc!