Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"I mean they literally scare small chidlren"!

The following was posted tonight under an entry
that I posted back in January. I've copied and
pasted it here:

Hamish said...

I'd rather ride around in a Sherman tank than in one of those overpriced, over-engineered, impractical ibots. I mean they literally scare small children. To each their own though.
April 22, 2008 7:39 PM

Hamish, what do you mean they "literally scare small
children"? You obviously do not have an iBOT yourself,
and so I'm wondering what sort of experience you've
had with the iBOT and small children? Also, care to
elaborate on your comment about it being over-engineered?

I've had quite the opposite experience regarding children.
Small children, medium children, big children... they all
love the iBOT, especially boys. Just today I was at the
store and a boy who must have been only about 3 years old
looked at the iBOT when I was in balance and his face
lit up and his eyes got big and he smiled and asked me
about it. I answered his questions and then when I left
and went around the corner, I heard him with a very excited
tone in his voice say, "Mom, how does she do that?!!!"

I don't think I've ever seen fear in a child's face when
they see the bot. Okay, maybe that one time there was a
bit of fear in that child that I plowed down, but that little
brat totally had it coming. Kidding! Honestly, I've seen
lots of looks of curiousity and fascination, but never looks
of fear.


phmooney said...

Hamish might be a brother to the other poster--don't remember his name--who said the iBot was a step backward. Did you ever hear back from him?

Don't have mine yet and have begun to run into snags from insurance, but these have not firmed up yet, so I remain hopeful. Not having a blog myself yet, I'll email you my progress if you're interested.

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

I think Hamish IS that other poster!

No, I never heard back from the other person. I doubt I'll ever hear back from Hamish.

I'm sorry you don't have yours yet. I've been wondering. Yes, I'm very interested in your progress. Here's my email address: mabelklix@comcast.net

Look forward to hearing from you!

Anonymous said...

It isn't the small children you scare, it's the parents... They are all thinking, "Oh god, what if little jimmy asks for an iBOT for Christmas?! I'll never get my Hummer.."

I've seen you rolling around in your 'tank' with the ram built on to the front and the trebuchet on the back armed with flaming cannon balls, cackling madly as you run down the kindergardeners.. Wait? That wasn't you? Oh... But... all the children running in fear, I thought it was you.. hmmm..

Okay, I have never seen anyone look at you with fear, unless their butt had been in your way. Alright! Even then, I've never seen the fear. Maybe Hamish knows of a new and improved iBOT model.. the Fear Factor Model... If you want, I would be happy to help you retrofit your sadly non-scary model. It must be disappointing for everyone to think you're cool and nifty in your current iBOT.

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

You are so funny! Your comments have me giggling. : )

crmantigua said...

Your Blog is great. I live in Antigua and would be concerned about maintenance. What things have you had to fix or replace since having your Bot?
Chris crmantigua@hotmail.com