Wednesday, September 26, 2007

iBOT changes I'd like to see

The number one change I would like to see on the iBOT


It crawls when it's in Balance Function. I really
dislike this because I love being in Balance, but
it's slower than a person's average walking speed.
Because of it's slowness, Balance Function is only
good for if you are not moving around much, like if
you are at a party, or if you are shopping. I'd
really like to go for a walk around the neighborhood
while in Balance Function, but it's too slow.

Other changes I'd like to see:

It'd be really nice if the battery charger was
built into the iBOT. And it'd be super nice if
there was just a retractable cord that had to be
plugged in. Instead there is this big thing

One cord plugs into the wall. The other cord plugs
into the Bot. To charge it completely takes around
4 to 6 hours. I charge it up at night. So far this
has worked fine, but what if I have an unplanned night
away from home? I'd have no way of charging it overnight
because I don't haul around the charger with me every time
I go somewhere.

I would also like the charge to last longer. I have never
used the Bot all day long yet. I use my manual chair around
the house (because my house is tiny and the Bot is large) and
I use the Bot whenever I leave the house. What if I'm on
vacation and I'm only using the Bot? The charge would
not last all day. Especially if I'm 4-Wheeling through
sand and stuff. When I'm on vacation, I really don't
want to spend time during the day sitting in my hotel
room waiting for the Bot to recharge.

It definitely need some cosmetic changes which I previously
posted about.

1. Balance Function needs to go faster.
2. It would be nice if the charger were built in.
3. The charge should last longer than it currently does.
4. Cosmetic changes.

I don't know why they named the iBOT the iBOT. I get the
BOT part (robot), but not the i part. Because of the i
part, I really think they should throw in an iMac, iPod,
and an iPhone in the deal... all built-in to the Bot of
course. :D


Anonymous said...

Balance is much faster if you are seat-low.....

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yes, that is true. It's still not fast enough though.