Monday, February 23, 2009

Do you know of any iBOTs for sale?

Hi I want to buy an IBOT, even a "used" IBOT.

Alfonso, have you checked with Independence Technology? I'm sorry I do not know of anyone currently selling their iBOT. I know at least one has been sold on eBay, but that was quite a while ago. If I ever hear about one being sold, I will certainly post about it here. Good luck!

iBOT users might be interested...

Comment left recently:

My name is William Lidwell. I am writing a book on design that discusses the iBot, and would like to include commentary from someone who has actually used the product in depth. Would you consider visiting the site,, and writing a brief comment (75-100 words) summarizing your experience with the iBot. Or, if you would prefer, you can submit commentary to me directly at xxx.

If comments are moderated, please keep this request private so I can avoid spam to my email, or delete my email address from the post.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Friday, February 6, 2009

Toyota's i-unit

Toyota's i-Swing

More iReal

Thanks to Simon:

Top Gear motoring program did a piece about this on the BBC.

Quite a funny piece, but the interesting bit is the estimated price.

In the UK, the BBC said it will cost about £2000.00, yes, two thousand pounds, I didn't miss a zero out!

No way! 2000.00 pounds equals less than $3000, doesn't it? That is awesome.

I know little about the iReal, but from what I've heard, I compare it to the iBot as follows:

iBOT = $26,000 (if they were still for sale)
iReal = Less than $3000.00! That is remarkable. I'm guessing it's so much less expensive because it's not considered a medical device.

iBOT top speed is 8mph
iReal top speed is 20 mph
I like!

iBOT - arms move for easy transfer
iReal - looks like arms don't move.

iBOT - super ugly. Reminds me of my very first clunker 30 years ago.
iReal- looks very cool. Very modern.

iBOT - able to climb stairs, but is pretty much useless IMO.
iReal - does not climb stairs

iBOT - prescription only
iReal - sounds like anyone could buy one.

iBOT - four wheel drive
iReal - don't know if it can handle sand, etc.

The iReal does seeem quite a bit longer than the iBOT (when the wheel in back is out).

I'm excited about this... although I'm not holding my breath.