Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a bit of new information

I believe I had written somewhere in this blog that the iBOT can be sold outside of the United States. I just found out that is not true. Someone from a different country could purchase an iBOT, but they would need a prescription from a US doctor, plus they would need to do the evaluation and the training here in the states. So it would be a very costly and time consuming thing. I guess it'd wouldn't be so bad for Canada or Mexico, but if you are from overseas, I think it would be quite an ordeal. I have a friend in Europe who really wanted an iBOT, but it's unfortunately not going to happen for her at this point. : (

The other new thing is the price of service. Service used to be $90/hour. They have changed it to a flat $125 for regular service (4 to 6 business days), and $200 for expedited service (2 to 4 business days). Still quite reasonable IMO. I've had the BOT for a little over a year now (and it's not covered under warranty since I bought mine used). In that year, as far as I can remember, I haven't had to pay for any service calls. A service rep has been to my house twice I believe. Once was to update something and the other time was when I was having lots of flat tires. I wasn't charged either time. I also had a rep come to teach a friend stair climbing. No charge for that either. Overall, I'm still very pleased with their customer service. They're very smart to have excellent customer service. People ask me all the time about service and I have nothing but good things to say. Just yesterday a lady in a powerchair stopped me in the grocery store and asked me about it. I can't remember what kind of chair she had, but she said their customer service is complete crap.


Logan said...

Hi Shannon, I'm interested in buying a used iBOT. Any tips or things to look out for? (I had a test drive a couple of years ago.) Is there an iBOT owners forum out there?

The only thing I'm afraid of is that I get enough attention with my service dog. Add an iBOT and I'll never be able to get things done!

Shannon said...

See today's blog entry for my response.