Sunday, March 8, 2009

iBOTs given to vets this weekend?

As I was cooking dinner tonight, the news was on in the other room and I heard "the inventor of the Segway...". I hurried to see what was being said but only caught the tail end of it. Apparently this weekend a bunch of iBOTs were given to vets. I've done an internet search, but didn't come up with anything. Did anyone else hear about this? I'm betting it's all the demos that they gave away.


Irv said...

This appears to be the story:
Some California business owners donated the money for vets in California.
On a different note, Saturday I got a special delivery letter from IT saying it would no longer be a Medicare provider. More cutting back on service.

Tracy said...

Shannon, have you looked at the Levo C3? They changed it to where it is 4 wheel drive.

I'm still looking and hopeing.

Shannon said...

Thank you Irv!

Shannon said...


The Levo looks very interesting. It wouldn't benefit me though as I haven't put weight on my leg bones in such a long time that the docs recommend I don't "stand".