Monday, November 30, 2009

Buying a used iBOT

I'm going to start this entry by copying and pasting the paragraph I ended my entry with:

I should say that you shouldn't believe everything I write! I won't intentionally give false information here, but I could possibly misunderstand information that I get from calling IT. Especially now because in one week from today I'm going to be having a major surgery and I'm quite worried about it. Although I just spoke with IT less than an hour ago, I'm really not thinking clearly these days. If you have questions, it is best to call IT. They are very helpful. Their number is 1800-INDE-NOW.

IT will not service any iBOTs that are sold since they stopped production nearly a year ago. That means that you could buy a used iBOT, but IT will not service it, calibrate it, or even sell you parts. The reason for this is because they no longer have anyone to train the iBOT user. I bought my iBOT used, and they will continue to service my iBOT and sell me parts, but that is because I bought my iBOT before production stopped and I went through the training. While I am very sad for the people who have recently purchased a used iBOT, or are thinking about buying one, IT's policy makes sense to me. I know I wouldn't be comfortable using an iBOT without proper training.

I really wish I had something positive to say to those of you who recently purchased a used iBOT or who are thinking of purchasing one. Unfortunately, I believe you are simply out of luck. Unless there is a way for you to get it calibrated to your weight, I definitely would not recommend purchasing one. Also, I think trying to use the stair climbing function without proper training is a very, very bad idea. : (

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