Saturday, May 5, 2007

Woo-hoo, I am happy, happy, happy! I just got
back from the auction and I got a $1500 orthodontic
gift certificate for $750! It's the orthodontis
that I was going to take the kid to anyway, so
this is a $750 savings! Yay!

As for butts in my face, there were none tonight!
Another good thing! I pretty much stayed at my
table, so it was cool. Anyone that talked to me
sat in the chair beside me. Last night at the
gallery turned out okay too. It wasn't as crowded
as I thought it would be, and I only had one purple
corduory monster meet my face.

Another good thing happened today and that is that
I got some super good photos. I'd like to share
them, but I'm having trouble dumping them onto the
computer for some reason. I'll try to post some

I'm reading a pretty good book. I can't remember
the name of it, and I don't feel like looking right
now. It's about this woman who falls from the top
of her apple tree and dies. Her dog is the only
witness. Her husband is trying to teach the dog
to speak so that the dog can tell him exactly what
happened - why was she climbing the tree, and did
she jump or accidently fall? I know it sounds
kooky, but it's good.

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