Friday, January 25, 2008

And Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Program

If you've read the comments here over the last couple of
days, you know that there has been some garbage spewed.
When the garbage spewer started commenting and leaving
the names of my friends so it looked like it came from
them, I decided to clean up the place. All the garbage
and anything related to the garbage is gone.


Richard said...

I guess I missed the last part of it all.
The beauty of the internet is that it permits connecting with all sorts of people you may otherwise never know. That's also the ugly side of the internet.

suzzy239 said...

people are tards.
they will pick on anyone to feel better about them.
take care

phmooney said...

Has this garbage, whatever it was, caused you not to post? I should hope not.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I know Suzzy. As annoying as it may be, it's very sad to know there are people who find pleasure in posting rude comments anonymously on people's blogs. He can keep doing it as long as he wants, and I'll keep deleting them.

Phmooney, although the garbage man sort of took the wind out of my sails, I've mostly not been here because I haven't had much to say, and I've been super busy.

I will continue to post here. Thank you for coming, and thank you for your comment!