Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Teaching a Class

I "taught" a 5th grade art class today. My daughter's
school doesn't have enough money to hire an art teacher,
so the art program there is run entirely by volunteers.
I've been an assistant to the art teacher for the past
5 years. Today the teacher was home puking like
50% of the students, and so I had to teach the class.
I was very nervous and had never done anything like that
before. It actually went quite well. I'm so glad I had
my iBOT though so that I could be in Balance Function and
be taller than the students. Imagine trying to teach a
class at 4 feet high.

I finally get my van back tomorrow. I've been without
it for a week. I don't know what I would have done
without my BOT to get me around.


P said...

Wow that is brave teaching an Art class. I sat in on my sons reception class a couple of years ago, I came out with my head spinning I have no Idea how teachers cope. WELL DONE YOU :)

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

To be fair, it was more like telling them what to do rather than teaching them. But it was still hard for me to do that! I avoid speaking infront of a group of people as much as I possibly can.

It's a good thing that it was sort of dumped on me at the last minute. That way I didn't have to fret over it for long. :D

stephanie said...

It gets easier the more you do it. Glad you had fun with it!

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

I'll probably never do it again!

Sands_PhD said...

Well, I have to speak up as a power chair user for 35 years: the iBot is a gimmick. I tested one in '07: they are overpriced, extremely large and heavy, ungainly, unsuited to most urban environment (think of the Segway). Most staircases are too problematic for them to traverse safely unaided. Any netizen is entitled to their opinion and I welcome efforts to advance the technology, but this is a step backwards.

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Anonymous said...

It is great that you had the nerve to teach the class. Congratulations. Do you find that most of the day you use the iBOT or do you use some other chair most of the time?