Saturday, February 16, 2008

Use Speed 1 when indoors...

especially if you are in a restaurant.

I learned that very important lesson last

I also learned that the iBOT can easily
plow through tables and chairs.

And I learned that I could have a more
embarassing experience than the time when
I was in the 5th grade and I hiccuped in
the middle of a yawn which is quite loud
and instantly gets the attention of the
teacher and all of the classmates.


phmooney said...

When I had my formal evaluation on the sixth instant, they started me in slow speed 2. Though I didn't destroy anything, there were indications that, at least initially, I should start at slow speed 1, with which I concur. At that, Shannon, it's still faster with more consistency than I've ever had with my manual (short bursts excepted) so I'm not dissatisfied. When I actually get my own, I'll practice with the higher speeds, but will not use them until I'm extremely comfortable with them.

P said...

Oooops :( oh dear - sorry

stephanie said...

Off topic hewre, but just wondered if you'd seen this ibot tv commercial, I never had.

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

I had not seen that ad Stephanie. Thanks for the link. Have you seen it on TV? The ad is kind of cheesy, but I'm glad they are advertising it.