Friday, March 21, 2008

Question from a reader

Anonymous said...

It is great that you had the nerve to teach the class. Congratulations. Do you find that most of the day you use the iBOT or do you use some other chair most of the time?

My response:

Thank you! I hope I never have to do it again!!!

I use my manual chair all of the time when I'm home.
I use my iBOT almost everytime I leave the house. I
tend to be in and out all day, so I switch between the
iBOT and my manual frequently. I could use the iBOT
in my house, but I find the manual chair easier to
manuever in tight spaces... of which there are many
in my house. Also, I have to be much more careful
in the iBOT because it's so powerful. If I used the
iBOT in the house, I'd probably have some holes in
the walls!


Anonymous said...

I tried using the iBot in my house. The kitchen door will never be the same again. I almost punched a hole in a friend's wall. I love my iBot, but I do have to be incredibly careful in tight spaces. I really wish it had a better turning radius and the footrests did not stick out so far.


Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

Yes, the footrests do stick out way too far. I've been wanting to have them modified, but haven't gotten around to it.