Friday, May 2, 2008


The first couple months I had my iBOT, when
in Balance, the #1 question people asked
was "How does that balance?" The second
question was (almost always), "Do you feel
like you're going to fall over?" I realized
last night that although the first question
has not changed, the second one has. Now
the second question is, "How much does that
thing cost?"

This sort of thing fascinates me. Why the
change? I must have been putting out a
"I'm afraid I'm going to fall over" vibe
and now I'm putting out a "This thing is
expensive" vibe.

BTW, I've never felt afraid that I would
tip over. Never. Not even the first time
I went into balance. Every once in a while
though, if I hold perfectly still, it will
stop dithering for a few seconds, and that
feels really weird.

Also, I'm uncomfortable when people ask me
how much it cost. I tell them $24,000,
which is the cost of a new one. I didn't
pay that much, but as far as I know,
mine is only one of two that have been
sold used.


Edward said...


I feel so lucky to have found your blog. I am on the verge of purchasing a used IBOT and would love to ask a couple questions about your experience. If there is any way we could talk or correspond, I'd greatly appreciate it. I promise I won't take up more than a couple minutes of your time :-)

My name is Ed Tessier. I live in Southern California. My home phone number is 909-397-5169. My best e-mail is


Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

Hi Ed. I will give you a call later tonight.