Thursday, April 24, 2008


Since I've had my iBOT, I've had two able-
bodied people tell me that they want their
own iBOT.


The first one was at a jr. high. A 7th or
8th grade girl said to her friends, "That's
so cool! I want one!" I didn't say anything
to her. What could I say? The person I was
with though said, "Get yourself paralyzed and
then maybe you can get one."

The second one was last night. I was at the
mall (even though I hate the mall) and I rode
in an elevator with a girl who must have been
in her early 20s. She asked me questions
about it while in the elevator and then when
we got out, she said, "I'm so jealous! I
really want one of those!" She wasn't joking.
My daughter and I just looked at each other,
completely dumbfounded. I'd give that girl
every cent I have if she would trade her
unparalyzed body for my iBOT.

Ugh. I must be going through
a stage of having no patience for AB idiot comments.
There sure have been a lot lately. "I'm jealous,
I want one!" "Now builders won't have to worry
about ramps and stuff". "The iBOT scares young
children." Pffft!


jonny yerly said...

hi my name is jonny and i really like your blog i also have a blog check it out i am also disabled.

Richard said...

When the occasional person says something to my wife about envying her (non-iBot) power chair, the response is generally "I hope you never need one."
BTW, the previous poster (Jonny) is legit.

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

Hi Jonny. Nice blog!

Hi Richard, hope you and C and doing well.

Davey Schmidt said...


Just found your blog. I get that alot about my mobility scooter on trails.

Since you are in the Portland area check out and other accessible Oregon trails (This is a work in progress).

Wheelchair Revolution/These Things Make Me Happy said...

Davey - Fantastic website! If we ever see the sun again and if it ever warms up, I will definitely be using the info you've posted!

Danielle said...

It's funny how people can seem so oblivious to others feelings. I know she probably didn't mean to come off as rude, but yeah, you are right. If I could I would trade all the money in the world to have my fiancé walk.