Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And one more way to switch the clusters

But like I said in my last post, I'm not sure
how it will perform if it has a flat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Shannon for being the test dummy *wink*

On a serious note, the two techniques shown to flip the clusters is something every Ibot owner should know.

There are a couple of issues that make these techniques a must know. First the Ibot in my opinion is a bit Flat prone. The original tires had poor wear and a very thin tread which made them very susceptible to flats. The new tires are an improvement..but could be improved as well, in several areas.

A front flat on the Ibot is not a big deal as you can transition to standard and still be functional. On the other hand, a rear flat pretty much makes you dead in the water. A rear flat will make the chair very unstable in just about all modes. Therefore having a technique for flipping the clusters is a valuable tool.

The second reason for flipping the cluster, is the wear on tires. The rear tires wear at twice the rate, maybe more than the front. Having the ability to rotate the clusters will give you the opportunity to balance and improve your tire wear.

The only question on the techniques demonstrated, is how the chair will respond with a flat? I can tell you from personal experience with a rear flat, that when I attempted to transition from standard function to 4 wheel function, the chair became unstable and almost flipped over backwards.

I personally think rotating the clusters is a good idea to improve tire performance on a regular basis. I also see the techniques as a way to get you and the chair to a location where a tire repair can be performed. My only concern is the techniques have not been proven safe when you have a flat...hopefully Independence Technology will answer these questions and we can spare Shannon the test dummy role :)

Thanks Shannon..you have provided valuable info that owners and prospective owners can use.

Botter from Utah

Me said...

Hey Utah Botter,

Yes, I do not want to be a test dummy with a flat. Between your experience with the flat and my experience when I was in Balance and I had the flat, I don't think the iBOT would behave the same way as it does without a flat. I'll try to remember to call IT tomorrow. I know they've tried switching the clusters like I did in the videos, but I don't know if they've tried in with a flat tire. I will post what they say.

(Thanks Botter from Utah... YOU provided me with valuable info before I got my bot.)