Monday, July 21, 2008

PAWS wheelchair

Whoa, I'm digging this chair:

Love how you can keep the wheels in the same
position and spin the seat.


phmooney said...

This looks interesting enough, but still wouldn't seem to have the balance, i. e., 'eye-level' function of your IBOT. As for the TopChair, it's been out there awhile, though when I saw it the first time, there didn't appear to be any sort of distribution link. Glad the French are moving ahead, though again it seems to lack 'eye level'. For those uncomfortable with the IBOT's approach to stairs, though, this would seem to provide smoother, more consistent solution because of the treads.

Me said...

I agree.

Anything happening regarding getting your iBOT? Send me an email if you don't want to post about it here.


That chair looks fun and extremely useful, especially for the types of activities I enjoy. Curious to hear about places it has allowed you to go that you couldn't before. Personaly I use an ATV to acomplish this, check out my blog if you enjoy photography, I'm hoping to get input on my photos and blogging since I'm new to it.

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