Monday, December 15, 2008

IT will stop selling the iBOT

It's true. Independence Technology has announced they
will no longer sell the iBOT as of January 2009. Support
and service will continue until 2013 however.

The reason for this? Medicare says the iBOT is a luxury.
They won't even pay for a wheelchair that has outdoor
capabilities. They only cover a chair that will get
a person from one place in their house to the other.

What next? Is getting out of bed going to be a luxury?


Gary said...

Wheelchairs seem to bring out the worst among bureaucrats. I ordered a new one -- one I didn't want because I love my old one, for which no parts are being made any longer -- in July and finally received it yesterday.

I blogged about my misadventure today.

And so about the iBot thing, I can say only "Typical snafu."


Anonymous said...

Are there any wheelchair-using Congress or Senate folks people can start to ping?

Tracy said...

Hi there.

I actually received my iBot on 12/10/2008. I am now getting my money back due to them not manufacturing them anymore. I spoke with a gentleman who said they are not going to make them now or in the future. He also stated that after 2013 there will be no more 'qualified' technicians to work on them. I was highly upset about this.

After much thinking on this I decided to get my money back. I was a tad upset that no one explained all this when I received my iBot less than 2 weeks prior to this announcement.

For me, the warranty is not good enough if they will no longer be around after 2013.

I then felt, hey i should just keep it. When I called back the gentleman told me about people that after 2 years had to spend up to 5000.00 for a new motor, etc. It felt like he was telling me to NOT keep it. Talk about confusion.

I am quite sad as it makes me feel empowered. I did find another wheelchair that can get up 3 inches and/or go on grass etc.

I just pray for those who continue to have them, that they work well!!

wag said...

Bye Fred :(