Sunday, December 21, 2008


to all for the suggestions. I'm still thinking
about things that can be done. I'd love to get
together with a group of others. Maybe we can
arrange to meet up in Las Vegas or something?
Anyone interested?


Anonymous said...

Getting together would be a great deal of fun. However, there is absolutely, positively no way in the world I would trust the airlines with my iBOT. I had been looking forward to taking a trip by plane with the iBot this year. Now that the iBot is not replaceable, I live in fear of it being damaged beyond repair.


Anonymous said...

I am with Nancy on this - it would be great to get together in Vegas if it wasn't so hard to fly with an iBOT. Mine is only a few months old and I have no experience flying with it. But I do Google a lot and have found no suggestions it is or can be made easy, much less feasible. Has anyone flown the iBOT anywhere and how was it done?

Shannon said...

Yeah, I have to say I agree with both of you. I was so excited to get the ibot because I thought it would be great for vacations (and it would be). But then I found out about the airlines destroying so many power chairs. I don't think I will take my bot on any airline because like Nancy, now that the ibot is not replaceable, I don't want to risk having it damaged beyond repair.