Friday, February 6, 2009

More iReal

Thanks to Simon:

Top Gear motoring program did a piece about this on the BBC.

Quite a funny piece, but the interesting bit is the estimated price.

In the UK, the BBC said it will cost about £2000.00, yes, two thousand pounds, I didn't miss a zero out!

No way! 2000.00 pounds equals less than $3000, doesn't it? That is awesome.

I know little about the iReal, but from what I've heard, I compare it to the iBot as follows:

iBOT = $26,000 (if they were still for sale)
iReal = Less than $3000.00! That is remarkable. I'm guessing it's so much less expensive because it's not considered a medical device.

iBOT top speed is 8mph
iReal top speed is 20 mph
I like!

iBOT - arms move for easy transfer
iReal - looks like arms don't move.

iBOT - super ugly. Reminds me of my very first clunker 30 years ago.
iReal- looks very cool. Very modern.

iBOT - able to climb stairs, but is pretty much useless IMO.
iReal - does not climb stairs

iBOT - prescription only
iReal - sounds like anyone could buy one.

iBOT - four wheel drive
iReal - don't know if it can handle sand, etc.

The iReal does seeem quite a bit longer than the iBOT (when the wheel in back is out).

I'm excited about this... although I'm not holding my breath.

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