Sunday, February 8, 2009

This is pretty cool...


Irv said...

Shannon - I like to see that stuff too. I don't think anything has as much promise as the French chair shown at

Irv said...

Oh, here is a recent find - a Chinese wheelchair that looks pretty good:

And here is more stuff on that one:

They don't have the balance function but that is not a huge thing for me anyway. The Ibot has taken me places no other vehicle could take me, but this Chinese device seems to better, at least at stair climbing. Irv

Shannon said...

Hi Irv,

I do like the French chair except I don't think it can raise the user like the iBOT does. I know you said that is not important to you, but it's one of the most important functions for me.

The video of that Chinese wheelchair going down and then up that steep incline is really impressive! As for it's stair climbing capabilities, that looks good too. Definitely better than the iBOT.... although... I'm wondering if the stairs need to have a long tread like in the video.