Tuesday, April 28, 2009

6 days after the iBOT test flight

I think I've finally recovered emotionally from last weeks incident. My arm is still hurting. I ended up going to the doctor today. X-rays were taken. No breaks. It still hurts to push myself and do transfers though.

Day 5

Day 6

An IT tech came over to retrieve the data from the bot. I'll probably give them a call tomorrow to find out if they were able to determine what happened. Someone had left a comment here saying that there would be no info to retrieve since it didn't throw a wrench, but the IT tech said it would all be there. No offense to the anonymous person who left that comment, and even though it seems you are quite familiar with the iBOT, I don't know who you are. Therefore, I'm more trusting of the IT tech.

One of the ladies who saw me go down the stairs stopped by to see how I was doing. She said I was going so fast and she thinks my wheels never even touched the steps. Oh how I wish I had that on video! I could put it up on youtube and say, "Look how brave I am!" LOL. But seriously, I still feel extremely lucky that I didn't get seriously hurt or killed.

p.s. IT tech looked over the bot and said he didn't see any damage.


WheelchairPride said...

Sounds like a frightening experience. Glad you survived it. Are you still excited about your IBOT? I understand that the IBOT is now off of the market, isnt that right?

Shannon said...

Yes, I still love my iBOT. Obviously there are improvements that could be made. I will continue to use it though. I can't imagine not having it. I think if I had it taken away from me, or if it died, and I couldn't replace it, I'd slip into a deep depression.

It is off the market. The sales weren't enough to keep it going. However, rumor is that some influential people are going to be working on getting Medicare to change their guidelines. If Medicare agrees to pay for the iBOT, other insurance companies will follow, and then the iBOT can go back in to production. It's not that there is a lack of people who want an iBOT - it's that they can't afford to buy one.