Friday, April 17, 2009

iBOT users feeling guilty?

I was just chatting with another iBOT user and we were talking about how we feel guilty when we see other people in chairs who don't have an iBOT. As I've said here before, I really want EVERYONE who could benefit from an iBOT to have an iBOT. It truly is life-changing and it's unfair that only the rich or lucky have them.


Hamish said...

Hi, it's Hamish ... you asked me to explain more after I commented some months back. Yes, when I tested an ibot I found it was so over the top and ungainly it actually scared the preschoolers compared with my (preferred) Inva Arrow. As I said in the first post, 2 each his own, opinions vary. and that's cool It's moot now anyway 'cause the iBot failed on the market. End of story.

Shannon said...

Hi Hamish,

The iBOT failed on the market because Medicare sucks. With the new Obama admininstration, and a group of people working hard to get Medicare to change their guidelines, I am hopeful the iBOT will go back into production. Not end of story.

Anonymous said...

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