Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Getting the iBOT back on the market

Dean Kamen and others are working to get the iBOT back in production.

From Alan T Brown's blog:

I met with Dean Kamen and we discussed our game plan for getting the iBOT wheelchair made again. We know that we are both totally committed to make sure our goverment understand how the iBOT changes peoples lives who use the chair and the people around them.

For more, see his blog here:


Irv said...

That is good news. Thanks for passing it on.

Anonymous said...

I so hope they manage to get the iBOT back on the market. It is such an amazing wheelchair. I don't think I've ever been in balance mode without somebody asking me how I was doing that.

I don't know if you have seen the newest Star Trek movie. It was rather enjoyable. At the very end they showed a guy who had recently been promoted to Admiral in a wheelchair. IMHO, it was a rather crappy wheelchair. Nothing compared to the iBOT. I said to my husband, "How can they have starships in the future, but they can't do any better for wheelchairs." His response was that wheelchairs in the future were better, but the VA didn't fund them.


phmooney said...

Here's a link that we should discuss:


Anonymous said...

There is a new stair climbing wheelchair on the market called Challenger 4x4 wheelchair and
costs $16,000 $6,000 less than ibot. Take a look at their website

Please pass on to as many people as possible!!!!