Tuesday, May 26, 2009

iBOT article released today

Read it!


phmooney said...

I tried to post this from another source but failed. Anyway, I have two comments. In the lead, the reporter says that society wouldn't fund the iBot. I maintain it was never given the chance because of the bean counters and the politicians who appoint them. Those politicians wouldn't dare ask people whether, given that the money would be spent, it should be spent on iBots for those who need them or unnecessary wars or feeding the hungry in Darfur or anywhere else. Nothing against Darfur, but if we can afford that (and we can), we can afford iBots for our own citizens, bad times or no. But society, that is, people like us, simply weren't given the choice and probably never will be.

Secondly, the quote that some breakthroughs we simply can't afford is from a business expert, aka a bean counter whos opinion is therefore suspect. Pat

Shannon said...

Hi Pat,

I think many people think that disabled people get whatever sort of medical equipment they need. As you and I both know, this is far from the truth. I know a lot of people are shocked when I tell them that most insurance companies won't pay for the iBOT.