Monday, November 30, 2009

Replacing the Batteries

I've had my iBOT for a little over two years now and I have not needed to replace the batteries yet. According to IT, the batteries on most iBOTs need to be replaced yearly.

The cost of the batteries is $550 each and there are two of them. New batteries come with instructions and the iBOT owner can change them on their own. If the user prefers to have an IT tech do it, they would only have to pay the service charge which is $125.00.

The battery needs to be replaced when you start getting frequent alarms. For example, I used to get a low battery alarm when it was down to one or two bars. Now I get the alarm when I'm down to 3 bars. At some point it is going to start giving me alarms when it's at 5+ bars and that is when I need to start thinking about replacing them.

More frequent deep discharges will increase the life of the battery. Also, doing a few deep discharges in a row will help. For example, I told IT that I was getting the alarm when it gets down to 3 bars. She told me that I should do 3 deep discharges in a row and that should take care of the premature alarms.

I should say that you shouldn't believe everything I write! I won't intentionally give false information here, but I could possibly misunderstand information that I got from IT. Especially now because in one week from today I'm going to be having a major surgery and I'm quite worried about it. Although I just spoke with IT less than an hour ago, I'm really not thinking clearly these days. If you have questions, it is best to call IT. They are very helpful. Their number is 1800-INDE-NOW.


Pablo Soto said...

Hi Shannon,

I hope your surgery goes well, and hopefully we'll read more fun stuff soon!

Best wishes,

Shannon said...

Thank you Pablo.

Please let me know what is going on with your iBOT.