Friday, April 13, 2007

So I've been on the fence about getting an iBOT.
I mean, do I want to be able to go on the beach with
my daughter and my dogs, or watch from a distance? Do
I want to have an eye level conversation with a standing
adult or would I rather strain my neck? If I go to a show,
would I like to see the stage, or stare at the butt of the
person standing infront of me? Do I want to be able to get
up and down stairs independently or would it be better to
not go where I want to go, or to break someone else's back
to get me up the stairs? As you might image, it's a dilemma
that I've been wrestling with for like about 8 years now.
It's probably the hardest goddamn decision I've ever
had to make in my entire life.

I'm happy to report that my decision is finally made.
My answer is yes! Yes, I am going to get an iBOT! Wanna
know what sealed the deal? I'll tell you! I know this guy
who has had his iBOT for one year now, and Johnson and Johnson
Federal Expressed him a one year anniversary gift. Hold onto
your britches, cuz this will knock them off... the gifts they
sent him via Federal Express included hand lotion, baby powder,
and bandaides. Woo-hoo! Now if that ain't a deal sealer,
I don't know what is.

I went to my parent's house last weekend to celebrate Easter.
This is their cat.

Here are some eggs we decorated.

We played a game called Catch Phrase.

It's a super fun game, but if your mom says, "It is what
I am sitting on", the answer probably isn't, "fat ass". It's
probably "chair". And if your sister sings, "Somewhere...", the
answer probably isn't "Kermit the Frog". It's "Over the

I've put together a compilation of some of my best
wheelchair tricks. You can see them here.

That backflip was the shit.


-That's not me in the video.
-My mom doesn't have a fat ass.
-J&J really did send that one year anniversary gift. And
they really did sent it Fed Express.
-I haven't been on the fence about getting an iBOT. I've
wanted one with all my heart ever since I first saw it on
TV many years ago.


catplus said...

baby lotion, powder, and take it easy j&j! you're making feel too special!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I hope they are still giving out these travel size little gems when I have my one year anniversary! If they are and I get some, I might share my lotion with you... just cuz you are one of my most favorite people in the whole world! :)

catplus said...

oh goody! travel size lotion? pretty please? we can each moisterize ONE leg.