Wednesday, April 23, 2008

This may seem like an unimportant thing...

I was at my parent's house on Sunday. They live
in the country next to a large river. There is a
tree on their property that is frequently visited
by a couple of eagles. My parents have their telescope
fixed on that spot and I got to look through it.
Without the iBOT, I wouldn't have been high enough
to look through it.

I used a point and shoot camera and took these photos:

What are you looking at?

It's A Bird ... It's A Plane ... It's Superman!

Like I said in the title, it may seem like an unimportant
thing, but our world isn't built for short people. Those
of us who are short and not children who can be picked up
or not AB so that we can step onto a step stool, miss out
on a lot of things that most people don't even think about.
In my manual chair I can't look through the telescope, at
museums I don't have the same view as a standing person,
at scenic outlooks there is usually a railing directly
infront of my face, at the deli and salad bars I can't
see what is available, at counters I'm often not seen and
then when I talk to the person behind the counter I have
to strain to hear what they are saying and I have to yell
back to them, in a crowd I mostly only see lots of lots of
butts.... I could go on and on. My point is, the balance
function of the iBOT is so important. All those little
things add up to a lot. When I saw my parent's telescope,
my first thought was "Oh, that would be fun to look
through... I wish I could." And then I remembered I was
in my iBOT and I could look through it! : )

--Editted to add: the middle picture isn't showing up. I
don't have time to figure out the problem right now, but
I'll come back to it later.


P said...

like wow - how did I miss these!

thank you for reminding me ;)

qatarguest said...

Awesome pictures. How did you take them - did you point the camera through the telescope?

My Two Blogs said...

Thank you. And yes, I pointed the camera through the telescope.