Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Ah, I'm so frustrated. I've been thinking
about what can be done to save the iBOT and
there is a tornado in my head. I can't
get my thoughts in order.

I really appreciate all the comments people
have left. Please keep me updated if there
is anything you are working on. I'm happy
to follow, but very reluctant to lead.

As for a bunch of botters getting together,
I think that idea is out. Many botters aren't
willing to travel on the airlines with their
bot (including myself) out of fear of the
airlines destroying their chair.


Anonymous said...

geeesh you need a brain, no ibots anymore! give it up and stop bitchin.

Matthew said...

Shannon, I sincerely hope that you are not discouraged by the many raving idiots, such as the one who left the previous comment above. In history, most progress in the world has been made by individuals such as yourself, who feel passionately about something, and are willing to fight to see it succeed. It is always easy for someone uneducated or ignorant to lash out anonymously. This is your blog, you can bitch all you want! Have a great year.

Shannon said...

Thank you for the encouragement Matthew. I was feeling overwhelmed and defeated yesterday, but I'm feeling much better today. I CAN do this! Maybe not as well as someone else, but what if no one else does anything?

As I said before, I'd much rather follow than lead, but I can't assume others will lead.

As for the comment above yours, this person leaves me messages like this quite often. I usually delete them before anyone responds to them. The messages don't bother me. They roll off me like water rolls off a duck's back. However, I do try to delete them because there is no sense in leaving them for others to waste their time reading.