Friday, January 30, 2009


Good to see big companies working on stuff like this:

A good point I just received via email from an AB:

the toyota thing looked cool even if not directly appropriate for you. with the aging population, obese population, vets, increased survival rates for injury, and lower costs for the electronics, better batteries and better drives there will be ongoing cool things for "you people" ;) lol


phmooney said...

This thing looks cool, though a little more complicated than even my iBot. Two hands to run it??

But the negative aspect of all these advances--I-REAL, walking exoskeletons, etc.--is that no agency will assist in funding these for the end user who needs them until they are forced to, a legacy of bean counters and tightfisted, flint-hearted Republicans who drop billions for a macho war in a country that did nothing to us but won't fund regulatory oversight so that when wheelchair purchase scams do come to light, it's simply easier to curtail the funding for legitimate needs to protect against abuse.

I've kept quiet on this publicly but will be writing President Obama and Sanjay Gupta as soon as he's confirmed. I'm no more important than any of you; I don't claim to be able to do anything. But they will know and that I promise you.


Shannon said...

Yes, it does seem like it might be more complicated than the iBOT. And those side guards would pose a problem for transferring. Still, it's good to see that large companies are actually working on stuff like this.

I flop back and forth between being depressed about the iBOT no longer being made and being excited about what is to come.

Simon Roulstone said...

Top Gear motoring program did a piece about this on the BBC.

Quite a funny piece, but the interesting bit is the estimated price.

In the UK, the BBC said it will cost about £2000.00, yes, two thousand pounds, I didn't miss a zero out!