Friday, June 1, 2007

Please let me sleep

I can see how many people look at my blog everyday.
I do not know who looks, but I can tell how many look.
At the very least, 5 I don't know who people come here
every day. Because of this, I feel guilty that I hardly
write anything these days. I mainly haven't been here
much because a) ain't nuthing going on with the iBOT
stuff (not much anyway), and b) I'm not a good writer.
If I read someone else's blog, I think "Wow, (s)he is such
a good writer. What's with me thinking I should have
a blog?" So I've been feeling self-conscious about

But I'm here today because like I said earlier, I feel
guilty that there are people checking it everyday and
there usually isn't anything new. Okay, and I'll admit
it, I'm also here because I should be cleaning. I'm
just so tired though, thanks to Gus and Mike.

Two nights ago Gus thought he was a puppy
again and he tore around the house all night,
waking me up numerous times. I have hardwood floors,
and his claws tearing up the floors wakes me up. Everything
will be dead quiet and he'll be sleeping on the floor
when all of sudden he jumps to his feet and runs. At
first he doesn't have traction, so all four of his
legs are running, but he isn't going anywhere. It's
kinda funny, but not at 2am. It makes a lot of noise.
It does a number on my floors too. The floors in my bedroom
are so bad that a person could easily get splinters
if they walk on it with bare feet. I figure there
is no point in getting them fixed though when he'll
just tear them up again.

So I got very little sleep that night. Then this
morning, my cat wanted me to get up and feed him
at 5:30. He succeeded by walking back and forth
across my face while yowling. There was no point
in going back to bed after that when the alarm was
set for 6:30.

I have some photos that I wanted to post, but I
need to pick up the kid. I might come back later
and post them. I might not. :D


h. said...

I think your writing speaks for itself (I must be tired, I'm punning.. sorry. so. sorry.). Obviously we enjoy reading your writing, and that's why we check in. Or it could just be that we are using you for your fabulous photos. What a dilemma... do we read your posts for your writing or your photos? Hmm.. Maybe it is just that we like you! ;-)

Dave R said...

Shannon, I think your writing is fine and your photography is excellent. I stop in to read several times a week so count me as one of the few. Don't worry about updating every day. I don't mind just looking at the pictures.

Even though we don't seem to e-mail anymore, I enjoy seeing your work.

Dave in MN

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

H, maybe it would make me feel better if you could dumb yours down. :D I read your blog and others and I realize that I'm a crappy writer.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Hi Dave,

"Fine" isn't good enough!

Forgive me, but I have the worst memory. Are you the guy who was building a sailboat?

Dave R said...

Yeah, that's me. It's built and I've been sailing her for about 5 years. Has it been that long?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

5 years? That doesn't seem possible!

dave r said...

You're right but boat registration in Minnesota lasts three year and last year I had to put new registration stickers on.

We should do this via e-mail

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Dave, I'd love to see pictures of your boat. You should post them on your blog or send them to me in an email!

Dave R said...

I don't think I have your e-mail addy anymore. You can get mine from my blog.

Dave R said...

I checked and I don't have your e-mail. I did put a couple of pics of the boat onmy blog however.