Monday, June 18, 2007

Praying Mantis

About a month ago we bought an egg sac of
praying mantids. It is about the size of
a shooter marble. It said there were about
1,000 eggs in it. We hung it on a bush
outside, and yesterday G founds one of the
babies. This is the only one we could
find. Maybe the others left already, or
perhaps this guy ate his brothers and

A couple of recent photos...


Dave R said...

The praying mantis is a fun thing. I didn't know you could buy them like that. I don't know if you can around here.

The flower shot is great. I like the way you work the depth of field with your close up shots.

The wall has some potential. I could see that being a candidate for some image manipulation.

Keep up the great work.

h. said...

The flower photo is fabulous. Which leads me to my perennial question.. since you know what it is, I won't actually say it.

Any further luck at rehab services?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...


Since you know the answer H, I won't say it! :D

Things aren't looking very good at Voc Rehab (iBOT wise), BUT... something else has come up that is a pretty sure thing. I'm not going to talk about it and jinx it though.