Friday, June 1, 2007


I've got an immense headache. It's really bad.
And in just a little while I get to go spend
2 1/2 hours with hundreds of very excited children.

I had two recent invites that I had to turn down.
I wouldn't have had to turn either one down if I
had an iBOT. And they both would have potentially
helped me in my desire to sell my photography.

The first invite was from a professional photographer.
Her work is really amazing. She was having a little
get together and she invited me, but guess what? The
party was at her house and her house has steps leading
to the front door. Could've been a great networking
opportunity for me.

The second invite was from a jewelry maker. She was
also having a party, where there were bound to be lots
of creative people. But again, it was at her house and
her house has steps to the front door.



h. said...

I hope your adding these to your list of ways the iBOT would help you in your business! ;-)

Did you go to the rumpus? I saw your girl, but not you. I left once my lollipops were gone. My girls had a lot of fun.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yep, I was there. I got stuck in the stuffy cafeteria at the Mystery Bag table.

I hear the magician was really good. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to see him.

I'm also disappointed that I didn't stop by your booth and get some lollipops. Oh wait, the lollipops were for the kids, weren't they?

Glad your kids had fun. G had fun too.