Monday, June 11, 2007


This is a carnation from my friend H's
garden. I was unable to capture it's
true beauty, but it doesn't even look
like a real flower, does it?


Dave R said...

I think it's kind of cool. Flowers are interesting to photograph due to their ability to reflect large amounts of UV light that we don't see. Electronic flash tubes generally put out a lot of UV--sometimes you can see a yellowish cast if you look at the tube--that's supposed to be a UV filter although they aren't perfect.

Under the right illumination some flowers will photograph with entirely different color than we can see. The chip in your digital camera can record a wider spectrum than your eyes. Sometimes this can be frustrating. Try photographing blue morning glories if you can find them. You'll get an entirely different color than you saw.

This UV sensitivity and the electronic flash's high UV output also screw with the color of white fabrics. The whitener in laundry detergents is really "bluing" (Those blue crystals in powdered laundry detergent are the bluing or whiteners) and it flouresces under UV illumination. We see this as whiter whites but the camera may record white fabrics as blue. Have you ever noticed wedding photos commonly show the bride in a blue dress?

Well. That was much more than you wanted to know, I'm sure.


h. said...

Part of the difficulty in photographing this particular flower is in the petals. The lavender color of the petal is actually iridescent. It refracts light ever slow slightly, which creates a sort of luster. (Think satin) The hot pink stripe is a flat color, which does not refract at all. This carnation is fabulous, but something which is nearly impossible to capture on film or digital chip. For a couple of weeks every year it shouts out its clashing glory in my garden, and is then gone.

S did a great job with her image! The colors are true, its the texture that is so difficult!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I've found that red and blue flowers do not photograph well.

H is right, the colors are true.

You know what's funny H? After you gave it to me, I went in my car and I examined it closely to make sure it was a real flower!!! Not that I thought you'd give me a fake flower, but you know, it doesn't look real and I thought perhaps you were playing a little joke on me!

I remember years ago when R and I were married and we were walking the dogs. There was a pot with the most amazing flowers in it. I stopped to take photographs of it and was really embarassed when I was told that they were fake. LOL!