Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another question:

crmantigua wrote:

Your Blog is great. I live in Antigua and would be concerned about maintenance. What things have you had to fix or replace since having your Bot?

Hi there Antiqua person! Interested in doing a house
swap for a week in February?!

I haven't had to fix or replace anything at all except
when I first got it they had to come out once to update
the software so that it could be fixed remotely. (No
charge to me!)

The chair is very well made. I've put many miles on
it, and I've really USED it, and it's been fantastic.
Another good thing is that if you do throw a wrench,
they can most likely fix it remotely. In case you
don't know what throwing a wrench is, it is something
that happens if something happens to the chair that
isn't supposed to happen. IT wants to know about
anything weird that happens, and so they have a built-in
"black box". A wrench will appear on the UPC and it
will lock you out of all functions other than standard.
You have to call IT to get it fixed. They read the
black box remotely, and often they can fix it remotely.
That's my understanding of it anyway... give IT a call
or send them an email. They are excellent about
answering questions.

I've said this before, but I'll say it again. IT
is a really great company. I've had NO negative
experiences with them at all. As for the iBOT, it
amazes me how well made it is. If there was a car
company that was like IT, everyone would be driving
one of their cars.

BTW, the iBOT would be great for the beaches
in Antiqua! I went to Bonaire many years ago
and having the iBOT then would have been so
great. I hope you get one and love it as much
as I love mine!

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