Monday, June 23, 2008

Jinxed by my last post!

The charger for the iBOT has 2 yellow lights
and 2 red lights. The yellow lights mean that
it is charging or is charged, the red lights
mean that something is wrong. When I plugged
it in yesterday, I got one yellow light and
one red light. I called tech support and he
said to leave it plugged in for a while to
see if it charged at all. About 6 hours later
I checked, and it hadn't charged at all. I
talked to tech support again this morning
and he said there must be a problem with
the charger or the batteries. Because I
bought my iBOT used, it is not covered under
warranty. So we're starting with the less
expensive possible fix which is the charger.
$275 for a refurbished one, $500-something
for a new one. It will be sent to me over-
night, and I should receive it tomorrow. If
the problem isn't resolved, I'll send the
charger back to them and they will send
me new batteries. $550 for each battery
and they are only sold in pairs, so $1,100.
I don't need a tech to come here though, so
that's good. Although if I did need one, it
is only $90 an hour and that is only from
when the tech gets here until he leaves.
Which means most service calls only cost
$90. Quite resonable, IMO.

I am iBOTless until at least tomorrow. I
have a feeling it is the batteries, simply
because it's the more expensive fix. LOL!
Also though, I asked the guy how long batteries
last and he said usually 1 to 2 years.

I.T. is very good about getting things fixed
in a timely manner.

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