Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Question left by anonymous:

Anonymous said...


Do you have any reactions to the new seat designs?


Indeed, I do have reactions! My friend Bill who
also has an iBOT called me to tell me about the
new seat design. I was very excited about it
because I dislike the current footrest assembly
very much. I looked at the website and was
thrilled to see the new footrest. This was in
the evening, so I had to wait until the next
day to call IT about it. When I called the next
day, I found out that it would cost me $4,500
for the new seating design. : ( I was hoping
to purchase just the new footrest, but they aren't
sold seperately. Although the new design would
be great to have, I don't have the money for
it. So I won't be getting it. They did say
they were working on getting a new footrest
that could be purchased without buying the
entire new seating design, but he had no idea
when that would happen. I'm disappointed. I
need to find a bike builder or someone who can
build me a new footrest system.

As for the other new stuff....

The armrests look slightly better. Not something
worth spending the money on though, IMO.

The headrest is of no interest to me because
I took mine off as I have no need/desire to
have one.

The lateral supports do not interest me.

The calf panel... I thought it came with
one of these already? To me, it is only
something that gets in the way.

Now folding the backrest forward... I really
like that. It'd be great for air travel and
for transporting it in other people's trucks,
vans, suburbans. I have a portable ramp
I could use, and with the remote function
and the seat folding forward like that, I'd
be able to get it into (some)vehicles other than
my own.

For me, the footrest assembly would be
fantastic. The seat folding forward would
come in handy. The rest of the new features
do not interest me though.

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