Friday, February 23, 2007

I am so sad

I had to take a photo of this worn and broken
down flower because it reminded me of myself.

Everyday I ache for my iBOT. This waiting
game has me tattered and torn. Someone may
as well come and trod upon me. Squash me
to the ground. Put me out of my misery.

But really, this waiting crap stinks. I'm
wanting to take photos of trees before leaves
appear. Although traveling through my neighbor-
hood in my manual is possible, it's something I
don't want to do. My shoulders would never
forgive me. Plus, it's so wet outside. Wet
sidewalks equal wet wheels which leads to wet
hands and sleeves which results in an uncomfortable
and unhappy me.

So I wait. It's going to be at least another
6 weeks because the thing hasn't even been ordered
yet. I think there will be leaves on the trees by

I can't part the clouds so that the sun can shine
on this little flower, but I can try to light a
fire under some people's butts. That is what I
must do now. Wish me luck.

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