Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I coulda

On Friday my friend Heather told me about a yard and
garden show at the Convention Center. Being rather
fond of plants, I went on Saturday with my daughter.

With no cash on me, and an entrance fee to pay, I stopped
at the ATM located in the convention center. I can easily
use some ATMs. This one I couldn't do on my own. I could
reach everything okay, but the way the screen was positioned
and the way the light was hitting it made it impossible for
me to read the screen. My daughter was there though, so she
read it for me.

I coulda done it by myself if I had my iBOT.

The best vendor there was from Hawaii. They had tons of
amazing orchids. If you know me or have been reading my
blog, you know that close-up photography of plants is my
thing. The orchid display people displayed nearly all
their orchids at eye level of a standing adult. Therefore,
I wasn't able to get any decent photos.

I coulda gotten some great shots if I had my iBOT.

I went back the next day, this time without the kid. In
the final hour or so, people were wanting to get rid of
their plants and so they were selling them at good prices.
The really amazing orchids were pretty much all sold, but
I did end up bringing two home. When I went to pay for
them she said that they preferred cash. So back to the
cash machine I went, only this time my daughter wasn't
there to help me. Luckily there was a lady there using
the machine when I got there, and I asked her if she would
help me. She was happy to help, and it wasn't a big deal,

I coulda done it by myself if I had my iBOT.

I am posting some photos I took of the orchids iBOT. Ha ha,
get it? iBOT - I bought.

Oh shut up.


Anonymous said...

You have a keen eye for photograghy. I enjoy seeing your photo's..enjoying your humor.

The Ibot will be an exciting adventure. Careful,I understand that they are magnets, you just might yourself surprised where your Ibot adventure leads you.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Dear anonymous,

I know who you are and I think you are a cheeky monkey. :D