Wednesday, February 28, 2007


I woke up this morning thinking that since I still
hadn't heard anything about getting my iBOT, I
was going to have to somehow induce a leg spasm
and kick someone's butt. Which reminded me of a
funny story...

I was in high school. My boyfriend and I were sitting
in my house being bored teenagers. He was sitting on
the 2nd or 3rd step on the stairway leading to upstairs
and I was sitting in my chair facing him. I showed him
that if I "tickled" the bottom of my feet, my feet would
twitch. My legs/feet sometimes have a mind of their
own. Not so much anymore, but when I was younger they
did. Anyway, he was sitting there with his legs apart and
he took my foot in his hands and tickled my foot. A fierce
leg spasm came out of nowhere and I kicked him in between
the legs. For a second I was horrified, but I quickly got
over it. I'm not sure he thought it was quite as funny as
I did.

The photo I am posting today is of the beautiful Colin. Gotta
love that 80's hair! He was a great guy. Through lots of moves
between both of us over the years, we've lost touch. Last I knew
he was an architect in Chicago. That was about 9 years ago. I
miss him!

But back to the iBOT. I got a call this morning from the therapist
who needs to send a letter to my insurance company. She's been
sick and away from work. She said she's going to get the letter
written today. It sounds like things are starting to move. Good
thing because I don't like kicking anyone's butt. I try to do it
only when it is necessary. :D


h. said...

That must have been very funny. Do you get a sensation when your leg spasms?

Your Colin looks like a handsomer version of a guy I dated in highschool. Same haircut, similiar mouth, but my guy was a total jerk. Lucky you to have the better guy! My guy, that kick would have been on purpose.

Reading your recent posts set me to thinking about how fabulous it must have been for you when you got your first car. Learning to drive must have been exhilerating! The freedom to go where you wanted to, when you wanted to... Which do you think will have a bigger influence on your life, driving or the IBOT?


Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Nope, no sensation really. I mean I can feel it, but I can't "feel" it, if you know what I mean. And if you do what I mean, tell me what I mean, cuz I don't know what I mean.

I got my driver's license on my 16th birthday. You are so right, it was fabulous! Your question about driving or the iBOT being a bigger influence on my life is very interesting. I'm going to have to give it some thought, and maybe write about it in tomorrow's entry.