Saturday, February 24, 2007

Narrator : “Go where you want to go…”

John : “It was the first time since I started
losing my muscles… that my world expanded.”

Narrator : “Do what you want to do…”

Megan : “If you want to take a walk through the
fields, there’s no obstacles.”

Richard : “With the iBOT® I feel like I can get
through my days a lot easier.”

Megan : “It’s like amazing. Like you’re just like
eye-level, it’s like you don’t have to look up at

John : “What this chair has allowed me to do is to
continue my practice. If I didn’t have this chair,
I wouldn’t be working today.”

Narrator : “They’re talking about the INDEPENDENCE®
iBOT® 4000 Mobility System, the revolutionary mobility
device that’s opening broad new horizons for people with


The above is from a video on It's a 3 minute,
45 second video and it's pretty good. If you want to see it,

go to

Click on Owner Service.

Under the photo of the man in an iBOT, click on "Read More
iBOT Mobility System Experiences".

Near the bottom on the right it says, "Click here to see how
the iBOT Mobility System is changing lives." Click on that
and watch the video.


I talked to my rep yesterday and my iBOT has STILL not been
ordered. I'm getting a little ticked off. If it finally
gets ordered this coming week, I might have it by mid April.
If everything had gone as planned, I would already have it.

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