Monday, November 12, 2007

Giving thanks to Amy, Bill, Heather, Jeni, and Lise

Amy - It's been a long road to iBOThood, hasn't it?
I first heard about the iBOT from you. When was
that? 8 years ago? Thank you for calling me that night
and telling me about the iBOT. Thanks for being so
excited about it for me. Thanks for understanding
how wonderful the iBOT would be for me. Thanks for
the many years of support and encouragement. Thank you
for sharing in my excitement. I hope you can come out
to visit soon! We'll go to the beach and go on hiking
trails, as well as other things we've never been able
to do together before!

Bill - Thank you for sharing your iBOT knowledge and
experiences with me. You've always been there for my
millions of questions (and continue to be there).
Thanks for helping me stay grounded so that I could
make sane decisions. Without you, I'm afraid I would
have made some very bad decisions.

Heather - Thank you for listening to me when I needed
someone to talk to, and for helping me figure things out.
Thank you for sharing your insightfulness. Thanks for
sharing in my excitement.

Jeni - Thank you for the push. I needed someone to light
that fire under my butt and tell me to "just do it". You
lit the fire. Thanks also for understanding the impact the
iBOT would have on my life. Thank you for being there at
the test drive. Going into balance mode and being eye
level with you was incredible, and something I'll never forget.

Lise - Thank you for your support. Thanks for being
there at the test drive. You were the first person to
give me a hug while in Balance Function - the first person
who didn't have to lean over to hug me. Thanks also for
listening to me when I was trying to make decisions. Thanks
for sharing your thoughts and ideas with me. Like Amy and
Heather, thank you for sharing in my excitement. The 3 of
you were my biggest supporters and that meant a lot to me!


AmyG said...

Aw, such a sweet post. Thank YOU for sharing the whole journey via this blog. I love being able to check in with you all the time, and seeing your iBot in action from 2,000 miles away has been mindblowing. It helps me be a little less sad that you're so far away.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I wish YOU had a blog!

Miss you!

h. said...

That is a very sweet, heartfelt post. (Blush) Now I will go and hide.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

H, don't be shy! I'm so thankful that you were always there to listen to me try to sort things out in my head, to makes suggestions, to just always be interested in what was happening. The waiting game was stressful and depressing at times, and I knew I could always rely on you to make me feel better. : )

Lise said...

You're welcome! I'm ready to start practicing on stairs whenever you are!