Saturday, November 3, 2007

iBOT in Balance Function Battles Large Man

And the Bot won!

I was in the grocery checkout line and I was in
Balance Function. I was very slowly moving forward
when this dude barrels infront of me. He got all
tripped up in my foot rest and he nearly fell, but
the Bot didn't. I think he was embarassed since
he didn't turn around and apologize, or yell at me.
I think he just wanted to get out of there asap.

People ask me all the time if I feel safe when in
Balance. Yep, I do.

Stair Function I'm not quite comfortable with.

In other news, I sold a bunch of my photography
yesterday and today. This photo was hugely popular...

I had 4 or 5 framed prints of it - all of them sold.
I had about 9 of them in cards - all sold.
And I had one made into a notebook - it sold.

BTW, it's a passion fruit vine. Lise, if you are
reading this, it was taken in your garden. I'll have
to give you a print. : )

Oh, oh, oh... I keep forgetting about this because it
doesn't seem real... as of this past Thursday it's also
for sale (plus 4 other photos) at a place in downtown.
It's in a nice frame and I used nice glass for it. They
put a $175.00 pricetag on it. $175.00! I told them I was
uncomfortable with that price and so I got them to lower
it to $125.00. Actually, I wanted to go even lower than
that, but I was talked into 125.00.


rfbdorf said...

Sounds like you've had a good last few days! Congratulations on the sales, and thanks to the guy who ran into you for demonstrating the stability of the iBot!
With art, if the price is not high enough, people will often be less likely to buy. Doesn't make sense, does it?
- Richard

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I'm a bit frustrated with the pricing of my work because I want to make it affordable to anyone. At the same time, it'd be awesome to make some money. What I'm thinking of doing is offering it one of two ways - framing it in inexpensive frames with regular glass and selling them at prices the average person can afford, OR framing them in much nicer frames, with museum quality glass for the rich folks! I don't really know if that's a good plan or a bad one, but after struggling with this dilemma for months now, it's what I'm currently thinking.

h. said...

Where are your photos for sale downtown?

I am glad that you did well at the sale! Your photos looked gorgeous, as usual!

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

They are at the United Way. Not exactly a gallery, but it's a start! They participate in First Thursdays, although I'm sure they don't get a big crowd like the galleries in the Pearl do.

P said...

I'm really pleased for you. I knew you would do well! You know I think your photos are amazing - don't undersell yourself.

Anonymous said...

You go girl!! I don't comment much but I have been reading and I am so happy for you. About the Ibot and the photography. I think it's awesome that you feel so great about life with the Ibot. You deserve it!


Wheelchair Revolution! said...

P and Ginamarie, thank you so much!
: )

Vesna S. said...

can I put the link to your great blog on mine?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Yes, absolutely! I looked at your blog, and unfortunately, I cannot read it. : (

Vesna S. said...

I'm working on the english version... it will be on-line in short :)
I'll put the link on both if i may...

Daniel Spurgeon said...

Very nice photo- keep up the great photography and macro work! I have also enjoyed reading your experiences with the iBOT.