Saturday, November 24, 2007

Question/comment from a reader

Anonymous said...

When you went through the detector did the ibot just
drop straight down or what?? Just to let you know I am
on the 6th appeal with insurance. I just can't get
through to them that this is a great chair inside
and out. Even with letters from doctors stating that
this is the right chair. The last denial was that this
is more of a community chair that for home use.


The iBOT didn't do anything when I went through the
detector. I don't know why. Maybe because it was
only on one side. My daughter thought that maybe it
was because I went through it so fast. Perhaps it
happens in some detectors and not others. What I've
heard is that one person went through one once at the
mall when she was in Balance Function. The iBOT tipped
over forward. She wasn't wearing the seatbelt and so
she fell out of the chair. Good thing she wasn't wearing
the seatbelt, otherwise the chair would have landed
on top of her. BTW, I never wear my iBOT seatbelt.
If it tips over, I want to fall OUT of the chair.
When I was a kid I had something happen which caused
my manual chair to tip over forward. I was wearing
a seatbelt back then, because my parents made me, and
so instead of falling out of the chair, I stayed with
the chair and I landed on my face with the wheelchair
on top of me. Next thing I knew, blood was gushing
out of my head. Then I was in the ER with a doctor
sticking his finger in my head to clean out the gravel.
Then came the stitches. I have a scar between my
eyebrows now because of it. On the other hand, I
always wear my car seatbelt. I wasn't wearing a
seatbelt when I became paralyzed 29 years ago. If I
had been wearing one, I wouldn't be paralyzed
today. The makers of the iBOT say the seatbelt should
be worn, but I disagree.

Where was I? Oh yeah, this is what the iBOT manual

I've never had the iBOT tip over. When I was at my
parent's house on Thanksgiving, my dad was watching me
from inside the house. I was about to go up a hill
covered in big chunks of rock. My dad thought I'd for
sure tip over, but the BOT went right up the hill (in
4-Wheel Drive) with no problem. The thing is like a tank.

I have had it drop from Balance to 4-Wheel once. I
was in the bathroom at the library with my hands under
the warm water trying to warm them up. All of a
sudden an alarm sounded and then bam, it fell to
4-Wheel Drive. Although the sudden drop surprised me,
it didn't hurt or knock the breath out of me or
anything like that.

Regarding your appeals to your insurance, keep at it!
I know a guy who should be getting his iBOT any day
now. His insurance company is paying for $20,000 of
it!!! That's all I will say about it right
now because I don't want to jinx it, but after he
gets it I'll see if he'll share how he went about
getting his insurance company to help.

From what I hear, most insurance companies follow
whatever Medicare does. Medicare says the iBOT is
a luxury. Medicare sucks. Our health care system
sucks. George Bush sucks. Kucinich for President!

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