Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Thank you to the team at DEKA

DEKA is the company Dean Kamen (inventor of the iBOT) founded
in 1982. According to their website,,
they are a company "where the questioning of conventional
thinking is encouraged and practiced by everyone - engineers
and non-engineers alike - because open minds are more likely to
arrive at workable solutions. This has been our formula for
success since we began, and it will continue to drive our
success in the future".

And... "DEKA's technologies, and the products which incorporate
these technologies, are improving lives around the world". As
a person who makes use of one of their products daily, I say,
"Ain't that the truth!"

To the people at DEKA, thank you! You ARE making a huge
difference in people's lives around the world. The iBOT
is brilliant in so many ways. Thank you for sharing your
innovative minds to help make this a better world! I put
my iBOT in the highest setting in Balance Function and
applaud you!

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