Tuesday, October 30, 2007

iBOT: Helps deal with suits

I've never worn a suit. I'm not a suit person. I don't
particularily like dealing with people who wear suits. Not
that I don't like people who wear suits. Some suit people
are fantastic people. Generally though, I often find them
a bit uptight... And self-centered... And, well, it seems
to me that their lives pretty much revolve around making

But again, I don't think all suits are like that.

So anyway, I was invited to schmooze with a bunch of
suits last Thursday. The event was located in a boardroom
of a bank in downtown. There were lots of suits. The
mayor and the governor were invited, and although they
didn't show, they had suits representing them. There were
also suits representing the bank, and honestly, I don't know
who all the other suits were. Basically it was a bunch
of suits saying they want to help gimps start their small
business. I was invited to be one their token gimps. Yeah,
I felt out of place in my corduroy pants and black sweater.
I knew I would feel uncomfortable. I pretty much dreaded
going, but I went because it's all part of the business.
And I did okay. I know I wouldn't have done it without the
iBOT though. For one, I had to display some of my work,
and there's no way I could have carried my pieces while
pushing a manual chair at the same time. Sure, I could have
asked someone to help, but I didn't want to. More importantly
though, there is just no way that I would have put myself in
a situation where I would be surrounded by suits and be at
everyone's butt level as oppossed to eye level.

My point is, the iBOT is undoubtedly helping in my career.
Because of attending the event, I made contact with someone
who is going to display 3 of my pieces for the months of
November and December. Hopefully they will sell. If they
don't, I'll never force myself to schmooze with suits again!

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