Friday, December 21, 2007

DRAGON powerchair

While browsing at the library today, a guy asked
me about my iBOT. He has a young son who uses a
wheelchair. His chair is called a SnapDragon. It
travels easily over rough terrain, it raises the
user, it goes up and down curbs, and it even
lowers the user to the ground. They had to
travel to England to get the chair. No surprise
here - the airline dropped it off the ramp and
broke it. Why the hell do airlines break power-
chairs all the time? That infuriates me. I've
never traveled with a powerchair, but I've heard
so many stories about them destroying powerchairs.
I have traveled numerous times with a manual chair
and it almost always comes back with new scratches
and dings. I'll be traveling with my iBOT in Feb
and I'm nervous.

Here is the website for Dragon Mobility.
Dragon Mobility
It makes me so happy to see there are people
working on making better wheelchairs. And it
warms my heart to know there are parents like
the guy I met today who don't simply accept what
they are told to get for their child. I know
from personal experience that what doctors,
therapists, and certainly insurance companies,
say is often NOT the best thing to do. Good
for his parents for looking at other options.
Good for them for working so hard to get what
is best for their son. I've no clue as to what
their financial situation is, but I do know
that insurance did not pay for the chair.
Good for them for doing whatever it was they
had to do to make this purchase.


phmooney said...

I'm about to to start the process of jousting with my company insurance to get an iBot, which I test drove and fell in love with. I've always used a manual (59 years) but my shoulders have begun bothering me, so . . . .
Anyway, I was impressed with the Dragon line, but as I toured their website, I realized that it doesn't seem to climb stairs or even curbs. Am I missing something? The Dragon's not an option for me; I don't meet the weight max (at 200, I'm 50 pounds under the iBot, though), but I am curious about the curb/stair capability for the Dragon, if any.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Hi phmooney, just in case you didn't see it, I answered your question in today's blog entry.

scroft20 said...

I used a dragon powerchair and it one for best I came around. I just over the wright for the chair but it work fine. I am one of the dragon user which is pushing the drangon to its limts. This means I had a number of time when the chair stop working but the support at the office alway get the chair working with a week for stoping. They alway work out what happen and change the chair degins 4 all the user. I did not know any other wheelchair maker which would do that. My health has got batter seem I have the dragon because the carefully seating they degins for me. I will not be looking for anther powerchair for a very long time.