Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow

I'm not kidding.

I grew up in Minnesota and Wisconsin. I just
googled the average snowfall for MN. It's 36
to 70 inches. So as you can imagine, I know
snow. I know sledding, building snowmen, making
snow angels, snow ball fights, digging out snow
forts, and a little bit of skiing. All that fun
snow stuff ended for me when I had my accident.
Snow became nothing but a huge pain in the ass.

When I was 21, I decided I needed to run away
from a few things, snow being one of them.

I ran away to Portland. We get snow here once in
a while. Like once or twice a year I'd guess. And
when it does snow, it doesn't amount to much. And it
almost always melts within a day or so.

Now that I've got my BOT, I want it to snow. I can't
wait to plow through it, pulling my daughter in a sled
behind me. I've never gotten to pull her in a sled.

This photo was taken when my daughter was about 6 months

Her dad is pulling her in her cute little sled in the
driveway. I took the photo from the front porch. I
remember being sad that I couldn't be out there pulling
her around.

We had a snow tease on Sunday. It didn't stick. :(
I'll be so disappointed if it doesn't snow and stick
this year at least once.


P said...

I thought you hated the cold and snow! (re conversation my walk to the station :)) I'm glad you are looking forward to snow and the many new experiences. :D x

Anonymous said...

I have never seen one of these chairs in person Sounds like a cool chair, one that has some problems however. Do you know one else that uses one? {f so how do they like it?

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

P, it's true, I do pretty much hate the cold and the snow. I want it to snow just once though! I suppose I could just take a drive to Mt Hood. It's only about a hour drive.

Anonymous, I do know one person who has an iBOT. I wish I knew some others. There aren't a lot of iBOT users out there. The one person I do know doesn't use his much.

stephanie said...

Come visit New England!