Sunday, December 9, 2007

I'm alive. And well. Sorry I haven't been here. I've
been insanely busy.

I had a little iBOT incident on Friday which was somewhat
scary. I didn't get hurt though. I'll probaby write about
it tomorrow after I talk to IT Tech Support.

Check out my new messenger bag for my BOT...

I love it so much that I might marry it.

Isn't the bird flying out of the cage perfect for the BOT?
I found it on Etsy. Etsy is my new addiction. I don't buy
much there, although I would if I had a ton of money, but I
browse... often. When I came across this bag, I had to have it.
BTW, the bag is 100% vegan and it is really well-made. Here's
a little plug for the person who made it:
Check out this etsy store too: She makes
fantastic bags as well! I'll be opening my own etsy store soon.
I'll be sure to post a link when it happens!


Anonymous said...

Love the bag really cool! and yes the picture is somewhat appropriate :)

P said...

not sure why that came up as anonymous :(

stephanie said...

what a cool site ....

Catplus said...

the bag is so cute! will check out etsy. you're the third person to recommend it.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Etsy is great! More expensive than say, uh, Walmart, but totally worth it.

h. said...

Thanks for the plug! ;-)

Since Blogger re-did its comments section I can't sign my posts like I used to with my blog address and what not. It kind of bums me out. I could, of course, create a Google/Blogger account, but it irritates me that I have to. Grrr...