Monday, December 17, 2007


IT (Independence Technology) is so awesome!!!

I had some trouble with my charger yesterday. I couldn't
get it plugged in. Somehow the little pins in the
plug-in part of it got bent. I called them thinking
that I would have to buy a new charger (which is
$500), but due to crappy design and the fact that other
iBOT users have had problems, they are sending me a new
one at no cost to me. Hurray! They are also sending it
Federal Express so that I have it tomorrow. How cool is

Yay, yay, yay! I was majorly stressing about this.

I have to say, IT Customer Service has been very good
throughout my entire iBOT experience.

A very satisfied customer (again)


Mar said...

I just got my iBOT a week ago. It is unbelievable!

Anonymous said...

could you tell me what the measurement is from wheels to top of the seat. Just order my ibot today I am pretty sure it will fit in van but lost my measurements from test drive.

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

So many new iBOTters! This is exciting! I know another guy who is getting his on Thursday.

Mar and anonymous, I have to go, but will respond a bit later

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

Mar and Anonymous, please tell me more! If you'd rather send me an email, my address is

Anonymous, do you mean the height of the chair? In standard function, from the floor to the top of the stair assist bar, mine is about 49 inches. You can always call IT Customer Service. They're very nice. The number is 1-866-813-0761. So you drive a rampvan? That is what I drive and it fits. I would think if you have a full-size van with a lift, it would fit as well.

Anonymous said...

When you get the new charger, be sure to use the sliding collar on the plug to remove it from your iBOT. Tugging on the chord will damage this one.

P.s. I'm so happy for all of the iBOTTers.....

Wheelchair Revolution! said...

I got the new charger on Tuesday. How's that for service?! They said they'd send me a new one on Monday and then Tuesday morning I had it.

Thanks for the reminder about sliding the collar. I actually did tug on it a bit at first, but then I realized what I had to do.