Sunday, December 23, 2007

Link to video of the little boy with the Dragon powerchair

He's so cute! There was a piece on Good Morning America
regarding their fight with their insurance company. You
can read the article here:

If you want to watch the video, type in "Liam Russell" in
search on the GMA page.

To see Liam's mom's beautiful stationery, click here:
Satsuma Press

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Anonymous said...

GMA did a brief follow-up this morning. Assurant has said, after their 'study' that in future they will cover power mobility. (Nothing has been said publicly or privately about how this policy change will affect Liam. Nevetheless it is a step in the right direction and hopefully they will influence others to follow in this direction.

I urge you to get in touch with as they will shortly be launching a campaign to get power mobility reclassified nationally. The campaign will launch via their website (I think) in April and will be called WIN (Wheelchairs for Independence Now)

Thanks for your support of Liam...